At Keego, quality is priority

It all starts with our community of translators

We believe that the best way to guarantee excellent results is by choosing the right linguist. That’s why we only work with professionals that are qualified and passed our strict selection process.

Plus the services you expect

Extra proofreading

To ensure consistency and accuracy of complex orders or multiple documents, we offer a supplementary proofreading service. Our linguists verify that the submitted text is error-free and uses the required vocabulary and tone across all documents.

Dedicated project manager

When you start a translation project with us, we assign a dedicated project manager to support you during the translation process. Your project manager finds the linguist that is best suited to work on your document and ensures that your order is delivered on time and following our quality standards.

Work only with industry experts

A translation should be written in the language your industry understands. To accomplish this, we assign the work to translators who are experienced in the domain of your business. We have specialist linguists in more than 40 subject fields, including information technology, marketing and corporate social responsibility.

Confidential & secure

We make every effort to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information. Information relating to the translation itself, the nature of the translation, and any other information will be treated with complete confidentiality.

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